Bros, help out your bros!

We are all in search of the one right?

No I am not talking about that awful movie by Jet li. (It was really terrible btw). I am talking about that phrase that girls always say to describe their husbands and future husbands, or perhaps the guy they dream about when they are little girls.

Guys, on the other hand call them the ball and chain (semi-jokingly).  I don’t use this term.  I think it’s offensive to criminals who once had to wear balls and chain (and wouldn’t dare admit it).  I’m sure they would have LOVED to have traded it in for a nagging ungrateful miserable woman….if that’s all they had to choose from(you’re digging a hole).  I mean, I’m not saying that this is what I have.  Because, I don’t.  My woman is nagless nagfree nonnagging(stop typing!) and extremely grateful when I do stuff.

I have been surprised by how many guys are in relationships that others know aren’t going to last(including them sometimes). And their bros may see it from the start, and we may even say something to the guy, but despite what women think, we don’t like confrontation (especially not with our guy friends).  Therefore we let our guy friends continue to be miserable and end up in a horrible breakup.  OR the guy ends up unhappy and sticking in a bad relationship for way longer than he should be.  WHY!?

I think this is all because of two main differences between guys and girls (yes here comes a list….of only two things)

  1. Guys think we have to sacrifice a lot to be in any relationship (aka we are absolute idiots).
  2. We don’t help our bros out!

Most guys, would rather stay in unhealthy relationships and refuse to leave for some ridiculous reason. One of my friends left his GF after a fight and made a very difficult, but extremely smart decision! Now, he is glad he did so, because he is happy(shocker!)and is starting up something with a great girl that he actually enjoys.

He recently told me “she is a super cool chick” which is brospeak for “I could date this girl and could see myself with her for a while, possibly because I like her“. Now, this guy is your typical jock(debatable meathead) who doesn’t really express his emotions that often or very well. So, I have a PhD in deciphering his few words and actions.

But another guy told me the other day “looks fade, but you have to find a girl who you can enjoy being around“.

I completely agree! Not to say that looks don’t matter, but eventually every superstar has to retire.

But I think us guys need to do a better job of taking care of our bros.

Stop letting them date the beautiful bimbo when we know our bros can’t stand them. To quote my favorite movie Top Gun, “You never, never leave your wingman!

I’m not saying to get in the affairs of others, but let’s be honest.  Women have NO problem telling their friends what they think!  I had three of my best girl friends help me realize that I was in a destructive relationship years ago while my guy friends never said a word to me.

My college roommates used to joke (i hope it was a joke) that “I would defend an apple” so maybe that is why I never really say anything when my friends are dating girls that I find mildly destructive as well. I can see the good in everyone! (not always a bad thing).  But I too have played the blind eye best friend.

I am reminded of a  phrase from this awful popular show that women love called Sex and the City and one from Wedding Crashers too!

Well, except that guys don’t like butterflies.  So…

“…refuse to settle for anything less than super cool chicks”


“Grab that net and catch that super cool chick, pal!”

You never, never leave your wingman.

2 Responses to Bros, help out your bros!

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    a lot of guys do think being in a relationship means sacrificing themselves. If its a good relationship, thats ridiculous!

    And true, we dont have a problem telling our friends to drop that zero and catch a hero! Of course, girls are just as stubborn and hold on to bad things too. People seem so afraid to be ALONE …(cue doom music)

  2. Olitalay says:

    Total LoLZ on this one. The bold/underlining/italics/colors is a great addition. Not that I wouldn’t have already known where your inflections (yelling?) was going–after 11 years of friendship you learn a thing or two about a person. Oh also… if you had your own font, it would be called “spaz”.

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