Welcome bags???

L texted me a question today asking “if we wanted to do welcome bags for our out-of-town guests.”

Another thing that I have NEVER heard about.  A warm welcome in my eyes would be a hug or we just say hi, or hello, or welcome.  I didn’t know they made bags to make people feel welcome.  Although, I joke, I am actually kind of fond of the idea! (I have never used the word fond in my life, I just realized)  So, I was imagining what these gaudy welcome bags would look like.

Maybe, something with a handle, like a recyclable canvas bag.  Something green perhaps!  I mean, we could decorate them, or something (I am getting way too into this).  So here, I am thinking quietly to myself and getting pretty excited about the contents of the bag and especially the bag itself!

My visions came to a screaching hault when I look at my phone at L’s last text.  “I was thinking brown paper bags with something on the outside and goodies on the inside“.  I respond with confusion to which she laughed out loud (I’m only assuming because she texted back LOL. But she very well could have been shaking her head in ‘here we go again).

Not at ALL what I was thinking.  Then she sends me a picture. 

See! Now I did a search later and found that they do make nice….EXPENSIVE…bags.  And I mean honestly, it’s just a bag.  How many people keep bags around?  We all get bags from birthdays and holidays but we don’t keep them.  We may regift them (or is that just me) but we don’t keep them for very long if at all.  And for people coming from out of town, the last thing they want to take home is another bag!

So again L makes a smart decision on my behalf (let’s not get her too excited).  If it were up to me, we’d be buying hundreds of canvas bags at 7 dollars apiece (yikes!).

But I have already started thinking about some amazing things to put in these bags.  I am creative! I can make these the best welcome bags you’ve ever seen!  L says she wants goodies?!  I will deliver greaties!


One Response to Welcome bags???

  1. T says:

    You must have welcome bags. I had so many compliments on mine. I even put bathroom buckets in the restroom for all the guests at the reception site. I’ll have to send you what I used. Have fun with all this!

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