I am still alive

I have been absent for a few days and I apologize. One of my best buds lives at the beach and I went to visit him. I found out that I am getting old…quick.

All of my pals went out last night, while I fell asleep at like 7pm (I’m not sure of the time, because I couldn’t open my eyes). I thought I was just going to take a quick nap to recuperate. That nap lasted until 11am Sunday morning. Apparently, I can’t party like I used to. A man gives his GF a ring and suddenly starts molding into the person he used to make fun of.

A couple years ago, I went for Halloween as “that guy“. I basically wore three polos with the collars popped, two watches, a big belt buckle, shoes to match it all, and my sunglasses. And I was my obnoxious self, but ramped up a notch (or two).

This year I think I should go out as myself in 5 years. I will be balding, fat, lazy, poor, driving a minivan, and probably have one of those baby backpacks and a double stroller. But I will be the happiest man alive (positive thinking).

That’s one thing that I realized this weekend. I was away from L and away from my phone for most of the time as well so we didn’t talk much. When I got back home and went to see her, I was instantly re-energized.

(CORNY ALERT!) She opened the door in a beautiful dress and I was blown away by how beautiful she was (aww). Like, I had forgotten somehow. I was suddenly reminded how in love I was with this woman.

We had dinner with her parents and their best friends (Hi P and J!) and I was reminded of me and L and our friends and how we will be doing the same thing in the future. Sitting around 30 years from now joking with our kids about the times when they were younger.  Well we don’t have any kids yet, but one day.

Its funny how love works. Some of us fear love with all of our hearts, while others may paralyze themselves in the search of love. At different times of my life I was cursed by both. The one time I decided to just put my self out there and have a good time and just focus on being happy, I ended up meeting L.

And most importantly, she met me 🙂


One Response to I am still alive

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    thats when love finds you! when you least expect it! I think its such a beautiful thing and it gives me such hope! I love love. I stand by what i said years ago when i first me exmanfriend, feeling that way for a little while was worth any future pain.

    once you know how great it can be, you strive for the best.

    keep inspiring us all w/your love!

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