Joint accounts aka authorized theft

Hey babe
What’s up?
Can we talk wedding stuff real quick?

That’s how last nights conversation started off.  I started laughing because even though she asked me, I knew it wasn’t really a question.  It was about as rhetorical as it could possibly be.

I can’t really say that the wedding stuff has taken over my life, because, it hasn’t.  I have so many other things going on right now, I haven’t had much time to really think about the wedding much (don’t tell L!)

Luckily for me, one of my favorite childhood shows (Martin!) has been showing episodes from when he and Gina got engaged and were getting married.  Yesterday they had an episode where they decided to get a joint account together and then Martin bought big screen TV with the money (Hoshitoshi 2000!)

So the episode ends basically with them not trusting each other and wanting to keep their money separate.  I know it’s just a TV show, but is it true!?  I think recently I asked L if we should get a joint account and she goes “account? what kind of account”  SHE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!

I always said when I was younger that I’d just give my wife the money and let her give me an allowance (young and dumb, I know).  That was when I was making burnt cheese for a paycheck (you know how when you burn cheese you try to scrape it off the plate/utensil/tray)

Now I am bringing home the bacon and I am hesitant to hand over that heavy check (I’m really making more like bacon bits, but that’s still good. My brother once ate bacon bits until he got sick ).  I don’t want to get an allowance when she is working with the whole shabang.  I mean, does one person give themselves an allowance and then dish out leftovers to the other?  Like a stipend?

I mean, I learned a lot from Martin Payne.  He had one of the best proposals ever on TV (Brian McKnight singing one of my favorite songs ever).  He taught me how to “get my boogie on“.  He taught me how to be a funny little guy (when I was little).  But I sure didn’t learn how to share funds!   I might have to take a cash for couples class or something.

I think these feelings all started because I bought L some new jeans two weeks ago for like 80$ (don’t worry, I told her and the sales lady all about Marshall‘s and TJ Maxx and what a sales racks is as I was paying), and L lost weight and doesn’t fit into them already (You go girl!)

Maybe the sequel to cash for couples could be coupons for couples. Actually, I could teach this class.  All I need is a catchy name!

Keep your Kash.

Keep a Sekret akkount.

Secret stash in case you need to dash.

Joint account? what’s that about?

What’s mine is yours, except for my 401k.

101 hiding places for your cash. (I could start this one today!)


One Response to Joint accounts aka authorized theft

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    the money question! I personally would do a joint, and still have a percentage of your own money. When I was married we had a joint, and he was like Martin, only instead of a TV it was jewelry, clothes…and I was going to work wearing hose w/runners. I think as long as you are clear on the expectations, and have trust, whatever you decide will work for you both!

    good luck!

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