The venue of a lifetime!

So, I went the other day to see the venue (with L) that we are looking at for the wedding, and its magnificent. Its like one of the best views in the DC area I think (I’m probably exaggerating). Well, maybe, not that good, but it is really great!

I won’t say where just yet because we aren’t sure if it will definitely be this place, but I am pretty excited (L is excited so its a big hint for. Me that I should be as well)

If we select this place then I think the next moves are to choose the food, cake, and dj? (And by choose I mean taste. Well not the dj. We choose him.  I refuse to taste him……………or her ). We also need to start with the invitations (I will be pushing for someone else to do it)

It seems like this wedding thing is like one big tree of crap to do. You choose the trunk then u have the really big important branches, which may have a multitude of stems to tend to, and each stem has a bunch of twigs, and the twigs have leaves, and the leaves are surrounded by seeds and nuts. But its all part of this tree called marriage.

The Tree of Marriage


2 Responses to The venue of a lifetime!

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    Yea, the wedding and the marriage is all like a tree. It’s amazing the amount of details you have to attend to for a wedding!

    the cake is the best part. cake tasting! I think if I could figure out a way to get paid for tasting cake I’d make it my job. Or, at least a part time hobby!

  2. T says:

    Once you choose the venue, it takes the wedding to another level of excitement. Once I signed our venue contract, that’s when it felt “real”….can’t wait to see hear more your place. Let’s just hope you don’t moan and groan about the price as much as Rob did. L is kicking butt with this wedding plan.

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