Monday morning quarterback: The registry madness dis-continues

Sorry for the late post today, I tried to post from my phone but it wasn’t working (I have to get that fixed!)

Sunday (yesterday)  L and I went to the mall to get our Macy’s registration on!  It didn’t start out too well.

First we got there too early(my fault).  This is more of a shocker than you might realize because L is not a morning person (at all).  I’m an awake person.  I don’t like being asleep during daylight.  Especially not on the weekends for some reason.  While we waited for Macy’s to open, we decided to go to Barnes & Noble and look around (L wanted to look at another bridal book)

L found the book and then proceeded to open the book really wide so that the book would open up flat (you know how new books, or books in the book store for example, are really stiff.  because they’re new).  Well in opening the book really wide, she pretty much creased the book!  I was like “whoa!  that’s not your book“.  I had every right to tell her about herself, but the glare she gave me, burned all criticism I had going.  Her eyes are pretty good checkpoints for me, so I found out.

Then I found this cool book, and started reading the questions out loud!  We actually had a lot of fun with it!  I don’t think anyone else in the book store did though.  I can be extremely obnoxious at times (watch it!!) I will have to go back and buy it one day.

Then 11am finally came and we made our way to Macy’s.  Although I was fairly excited, my nerves got the best of me and I had to make a pit stop (so embarrassing).

Now that I lightened the mood (along with a few other things), I returned to see L sitting with the registry lady (the opponent!).  She congratulated us and I remained quiet focused.  Then a few minutes later she said some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard!

“Here’s your scanner”

My instincts kicked in, and I was suddenly at home.  I felt like I had been holding that scanner my whole life.  This was nothing.  It was just shopping.  I mean, I’m a shopaholic!  I’ve gotten some of my most famous deals in this very Macy’s (like the white $220 polo pants for 20 bux!)  Why was I getting the bubble guts over something I’ve been doing my whole life?!

I was like a Donovan McNabb before the game, throwing up on the field.  But after that first whistle, it’s just football.  Well for me, it’s just shopping.  Me and L were scanning things left and right, but not just anything!  We were making good, smart, heady decisions.  We had a color scheme going, and a theme!  A purpose!  A goal! A gameplan!!

We were almost done and then!!!  Scanner lady busted through the line and sacked us right as we were about to start celebrating our victory.

I was looking at the list, and most of the stuff that you put on there is discontinued

Let me put this in perspective.  If you give a little boy an ice cream cone and let him eat like half of it and then smack it out of his hand, do you think he’s going to want to eat an ice cream cone of yours ever again!?

Well that’s how I feel now.  I am mega over Macy’s!  They literally  had more things discontinued on my our list than they had available.  It was ridiculous to be honest.  I love Macy’s for clothes, but now I see why they have such great deals all of the time.  They don’t necessarily have the newest items.  It’s easy to put things on sale, when they buy the stuff that’s discontinued!

The irony is, Bed, Bath, & Beyond had some of the same items for the same price (or cheaper) and they weren’t discontinued.

(For all who are wondering, the Macy’s bathroom was pretty standard, but the location was outstanding.  Quiet, serene, in the bedding section.  Right by a register, but who buys bedding?  Maybe 4 people per day?)

I gotta tell ya, with those 20% off coupons, and the online selection, and one of the biggest stores in the country being in my backyard (it’s true!  Miami, NYC, LA, and Rockville!), I am starting to fall in love with Triple B (Bed, Bath & Beyond)


One Response to Monday morning quarterback: The registry madness dis-continues

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    discontinued? what a crock! BB&B is a pretty sweet store too!!

    Once I got a $50 Macy’s gift card, and bought some ridiculous egyptian cotton sheets that were marked down from 100 bucks! I mean, who spends that kind of money on sheets? It’s all I could find to spend my card on.

    Truthfully. I love those sheets, and they are the only ones I use. I was just being a rich people hater.

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