L was looking at some things yesterday that I didn’t understand.  They’re called announcements.  Invitiations I get.  Announcements are what?  and then what are save the dates?  Are those different from announcements?  or are they together in the same thing. And what are the directions cards?

I think everyone that I’ll be sending announcements to, know that I am getting married.  They got the newsflash already from me, mom, Facebook, L, my brothers and sister, my cousins, my friends.  What are we announcing exactly?

So do we send the direction cards with the announcements or the invitations?  Because, I mean people need to set room reservations for the hotel and everything right?  The earlier the better supposedly.

*sigh*  I am so incredibly confused.

THEN I find out that there are like 5 cards that go inside.  Directions, registry card, response card (with an envelope that’s already addressed)  Ribbons on the outer envelop that houses everything.  And I think the invitation has its own envelope and/or ribbon.

It’s like one of those Russian dolls that are all inside of themselves.

Do we have to print stickers with the addresses on them?  Or do I put my chicken scratch scribble on the front of each? (I can’t tell you how many papers I had to rewrite growing up because my parents couldn’t read it)

Oh no, that’s not all!  Engagement photos go in one of those silly packages!  That means that engagement photos have to be done before we send those packets out.

This is quite the task it sounds like!! So let’s recap this list of goods.

  1. Stamps (3 total for each guest or set of guests)
  2. Invitations
  3. Save the date cards
  4. Address stickers (1 for us on the save the dates, and 2 for each guest)
  5. Engagement photos to put in each invitation pack
  6. Registry cards
  7. *deep breath*
  8. Response cards
  9. Announcements and envelopes
  10. Ribbons (for all this mess)
  11. 4 Bottle of wine (for L so that she doesn’t strangle me when I screw this up repeatedly)

This is outrageous!!  I thought it was going to be as easy as just printing it off and sending it out.  What ever was I thinking.

I can’t even turn my rent in on time, how am I supposed to send out 100+ invitation things?  I sure hope I am not in charge of this operation.  (HINT HINT HINT)


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  1. Phil says:

    Have someone else do the invites for you…please. Wifey and I did ’em ourselves and we almost killed each other in the process. Only bad decision we made leading up to the wedding.

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