Apparently something that people do when they get engaged is to take engagement photos.  I hadn’t really thought about doing it until my friends Phil and Lynn (Hey guys!) had them taken.  Together, they’re a couple.  They’re not like two different friends.  I mean, they’re two different people, but they…..are…wife and husband….married.  But at the time they were just engaged…..not just engaged, no disrespcet to people who are engaged.  Like myself. (ugh…I’m so awkward)

I always wanted to be a model, but I don’t have the … face?

But the engagement photo thing could be fun.  I asked L one time  if she wanted to take some and I can’t remember what she said(I must have asked just as a commercial break was ending or something).  So I just happened to stumble upon this website and saw this awesome picture of this couple!

Can’t you see my and the future wifey in this?!  I LOVE black and white photos.


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