I want a wedding dress too!

June 30, 2010

Hmm, something (unfair) I just realized.  Men don’t get the entire excitement that comes with a wedding.  A third of that experience is missing for us! (just hear me out women)

Outside of the eternal promise and the religious reasons (which are very important aspects), the third reason women dream about getting married is the dress.  There’s even that show about Kleinfeld’s in NYC where people come from all over to find their dress (L made me watch it once….ok, a million times!).

They find their dress and they ask “is this the one?!” or “say yes to the dress” and they cry and jump up and down and the mothers sits in the chair trying not to pass out from pride, and the father tries not to pass out from boredom (or the price).

Guys don’t get that.  We don’t go with our best man and hug it out and get teary eyed when we finally put on our rented tux.  This is not fair!  We get jipped!  We miss a third of the excitement of getting married!

This is why I am starting a new revolution!  MEN NEED THEIR WEDDING DRESS.

Dudes need to find something that we can get excited about, and that we can all share in the excitement of finding, nd having!  Actually,  I may have found the perfect item to compete with the wedding dress.

*angels singing and unicorns flying in V formation*

Here’s the plan.  Whatever price, the woman pays for the wedding dress, the man should be able to get an HDTV for the same price.  We need something that our friends see and say “omg! that is beautiful!  Look at that!  It’s perfect.”  Something that would make me cry when I first saw it.  There is only one thing with the power to make me do that, and that is a 52″ flat screen LCD 1080p HDTV (*Tim “the Toolman” Taylor grunt!*).

I can’t even imagine what my XBOX360 would look like on that thing!  Remember when your grandma would say “don’t sit so close to the TV, you’ll go blind“?  Well I want a big enough and bright enough TV that there is no such thing as a safe distance. I want people to feel that when they are in front of my TV, they are risking their lives to enjoy this moment!

I want my HDTV to be an experience for all!   I want to make people jealous that they can’t wear my TV.  Ladies, trust me.  Once your boyfriend sees my future HDTV, they’ll be falling to their knees, begging to get married!


My thank you letter, to you! *awww*

June 30, 2010

Well it’s been two months but this is goodbye.

……I’m just joking!

The fact that some of you just said “what? no way” to yourself is the reason why I’m writing this semi-post (don’t worry, I will write a real one after this!!).  I started this blog for fun, and because I was freaking out when I was about to get engaged and once I had just gotten engaged.  I didn’t know what to expect and I couldn’t find another site to tell me!.  So I decided that I’d write it out for others!  So they would know what to expect.

I thought I’d run out of material in like two weeks.  No way ho zay! L has stock piled my fingertips full of ammo (corny) and I can’t put my experiences and thoughts down fast enough!

But I really just want to say thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments and IMs and texts and giggles about my posts everyday.  When my DROID (it’s my cell phone ma’) goes off and I see that I have a comment on my website I stop whatever I’m doing (most likely nothing) and read it with a huge grin on my face.  If you are shy and not the commenting type, that’s ok!  Just continue to read and feel my pain/joy/excitement.  I hope you enjoy this little site as much as I do.

To L, thanks for putting up with click of my phone for an hour each night.  I’m sure cutting down your sleep from 10 hours to 9 makes it real hard to say goodbye to me in the morning, when I leave you in bed!  (end of bitterness and sarcasm)

Thanks again, and keep reading and keep commenting! And tell your friends!



How to ask for her hand in marriage: I almost threw up in my hand

June 29, 2010

Before you can get married, you have to ask her parents for their permission/blessing.  Well, that’s how I was raised at least.  Some situations don’t call for that.  My situation and my upbringing, absolutely demanded it!  I planned for it to be perfect….it was a near perfect disaster!

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My big fat mouth….and Invitations

June 29, 2010

Saturday we woke up early. I made sure of this because USA played at 2:30 and I was not about to miss this game after missing the first three pretty much (I saw the replay of the first game in a hotel in Cali)

We got in the car and L pulled up her GPS (I shoulda vetoed that move already). We headed to VA to go to T’s best friends shop in Leesburg called Perfect Pair.

So we walk up to the door and the first thing I see is this towel wrap coverup thing with a monogrammed “UVA” on it.  I am already feeling like an outsider.  I suddenly don’t feel like me and this store are going to get along.

But, facing sever punishment if I back out now, I continue into the store and see….stuff.  Now, I’m sure this …stuff… is all very interesting to women.  I mean, actually quite a few people walked in and looked around and bought some stuff while we were there.  I just have no clue what there is to buy in there.  It all just looks like…stuff.

But somehow amongst all the…stuff, L manages to find the invitations book (Well one of them at least).  It’s about 6 inches thick, and looks like my mom’s photo albums.  FUN!

She cracks it open and starts flipping through the pages.  I stare off into the distance and notice one of the ….stuff inside the store has my name on it!  COOL! I debate for three minutes whether to go around this counter thing and check out to see what the …stuff …is.  Eventually, I admit to myself that I am intimidated by the vast number of unkown …stuff in between me and my named object, so I stay put.

Then the store owner (the friend of the friend) Sally comes out!  She is awesome! Sshe shows us what to do and asks us ALL the right questions.  L and her converse about something (or nothing).  She mentions that I work with T, and I reluctantly admit it.  Then about 30 minutes into the looking-at-invitations process … I have a mental meltdown.

I don’t like the orange
Why not?
I dunno, it’s just too much
But it’s one of our colors pretty much

This is when I realized that I may have messed up (big time)

“Actually it looks fine, it looks good
No. It’s good, let’s go with it, what do we pick next….font?”

*pause* I start to panic, knowing that I just completely screwed up.

Now I don’t know if I like it
You were so sure about it like 5 minutes ago!
I know! Now I’m scared I won’t like it!

My big mouth has struck again!  I couldn’t just sit there and be quiet and be excited about whatever L was excited about.  I HAD to go and be opinionatedDANGIT!

When we left, we had built our whole invitation package and I thought it looked awesome.  I don’t know why I was doubting it at all.  Now, L was afraid and understandably so.  The invitations are a big deal I suppose….right?

Yeah, how about I learn to instill confidence and NOT foster doubt.

Hairy situation!

June 28, 2010

I have learned something about living with a girl. There are some forces that are stronger than I. Some battles that are not worth fighting. I have found one.

Her hair!

Its everywhere. Its attached to my clothes. its stuck in my watch. Its under my contact case, its in the sink, the bathtub, the toothbrush holder, my pants pocket! L’s hair is everywhere it never was!

Now I know that its not her fault (and I wouldn’t dare blame it on her), but its an issue. Not a big one, but still…

I know for a fact that it will only get worse. Up until now she only spent the weekends here but now that her teaching gig is up for the summer, guess who is around more?

It’s good though.  She has introduced me to this thing I used to eat when I lived with my mom!  It’s called vegetables!

Maybe I should start making her wear a hairnet like those old ladies in the lunch room!

Its not about Me, its about me

June 26, 2010

Another reason to get married:  Free extra shrimp

Yesterday my family went out to dinner for my sister’s birthday. We picked one of our favorite spots, Bonefish Grill (home of the bang bang shrimp!) L and I got shrimp and scallops and some stuffed tuna or something (like Oprah would say, AH-mazing). L noticed that they may have been a little undercooked but I said they were OK and Continued eating. But after she said something, I thought maybe she was right.

Towards the end of dinner, the manager came by and asked if we enjoyed our meals and if everything was alright.

Everything was gr…
Actually, I don’t think the shrimp were fully cooked,” L leaned across me and declared. She was probably right in saying something (as always) but I was just going to let it slide. Because I was OK with the shrimp that I had eaten.  Obviously it wasn’t about me though.

We don’t need another food poisoning night,” she said. I kind-of liked the back rubs from the last episode though!

The manager came back with a fresh plate of well cooked shrimp.

Now, you can enjoy your shrimp“, she said.

I realized it wasn’t about Me, it was about me.

Adventures in parenting: Chapter 1: Lost in translation

June 25, 2010

Last week me and my three yr old nephew Miles spent the afternoon together. This was the first time me and him  really spent time together alone so I was probably just as nervous as my sister Gwen (heeeey!) was about it.  He is my parenting introduction….4 hours at a time

I am very glad to say that we both had a great time! Although, I realized that he is amazingly smart (every parent thinks their kid is smart, but this is my nephew, so I’m telling the truth).  Unfortunately though, things can often get lost in translation when dealing with kids (kind of like dealing with L).

When we first got in the car he said that he wanted to go to Max and Ruby‘s house. I’m thinking that is some school friend of his (BOY WAS I WRONG), so I say “maybe next time I will get their address and we will go see them” and he goes “I have an address“.

Knowing miss just-in-case-something-happens Gwen and knowing how smart Miles is, I wasn’t too shocked that he said he knew his address (I was actually thinking “figures”). So I asked him what it was. And he responds “Red” then I start laughing and say “you mean you have a red dress?” And he looks at me like I am crazy.  Lost in translation

I found out later when I got home and started writing this that Max and Ruby aren’t friends of his from school at all (please see pic below)

Max and Ruby

Then he says something mega cute. He says “Mommy is at work. Is miss L at work?” Then I say yes, and he goes “Miss L is your friend! Can we call her?” I almost died with excitement!

SO! We get back from getting pizza and of course another Lightning McQueen car (Sorry G!  More books, less cars!  Got it now!) and Miles has a football, so I grab it and toss it to him and he catches it.  I immediately hit him as hard as I can (just kidding!!!) and tackle him to the ground as he is laughing hysterically.  He then throws the ball back at me and comes and tackles me.  “I just tangled you“, he says.  Lost in translation.

I go sit down and try to cool off on the couch and Miles comes and runs up to me and jumps on the couch and into my arms. I look at him and smile. Then he asks me the most basic of all questions.

Are you happy?

I thought about L.  I thought about my family.  My friends.  I looked at Miles and his big innocent eyes and his wide infectious smile without a fear or a care in the world.  Running around his house, laughing for the last 4 hours like every breath depended on it.  I look at my nephew in those brilliant eyes and say,

Yes I am”

No translation needed.