And the wedding planning officially begins


So L comes over Friday and has a nice new pink bag (which she complained I didn’t grab for her out of the trunk when we got home…fat chance!). I didn’t pay it any attention until I see the word “Bride” in huge bold white letters plastered on the side.

Nice bag” I say sarcastically. She just turns and grins at me. She thinks she is slick!

Then we get inside and talk about our weeks (which were hugely different for both of us.  She bragged about being engaged, while I tried to keep afloat in the pool of sh crap I was pushed into).  Then she nonchalantly says, “tell me when you’re ready

Oblivious, I say “ready for what?” which is met by another grin. THEN she pulls out this monstrous 200 page wedding planner!!!

Yes that DOES say The ULTIMATE Wedding Planner & Organizer.  Seriously?  Whatever happened to folders and binders.

Then I made the mistake of asking a question about why something or another happens (that was my first mistake, asking why).  “Here, read this” and then L flipped open to some page way in the back and I read about the traditions and history of weddings


Did you know the reason the bride stands on the left is because back in the olden days, the groom would have to have his sword hand free in case someone came to swoop up his bride for ransom (Yes, his sword hand).

Does this mean, I can wear a sword to the wedding.  IDEAS!!!

This is when the planning started.  I will have to update you guys on that debacle later!  So far, we have discussed the registry, the reception itself, and some other things I don’t really recall right now (my mind is protecting itself).

Don’t you dare think that was the only thing in the bag.  The first bridal magazine has made its way into my apartment.  I have been shown plenty of pictures from it already.

Who even knew they had regional wedding magazines….unreal.  Thanks and for giving me something fun to do on this three day weekend </sarcasm>.


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