Ok…now what?

My GF has been telling anyone who will listen about the engagement and catching up with old friends and whatnot. And we have briefly talked about wedding plans. *cough* Sorry, I had a sudden gag reflex, not sure what that was about.

Anyways, she has been a bridesmaid like ten times and a maid of honor three times so she has done this before, but me, I have no clue what to expect. What are my duties? I mean, L told me yesterday that I just have to “say yes and bring the checkbook“.

First off, its 2010. Nobody uses checks anymore. I mean, where does a man keep his checkbook? In his murse? Or should I tuck it in my fanny pack. The only times I write checks are for rent and parking tickets. I still have the same checks from when I was 14!

So what do I have to do now, honestly.  Tux?  For prom one year I got my tux the day before from TJ Maxx.  I’m sure it’ll still fit!  Cake? Not yet.  Food? not yet.  Rings? not ever yet. Bachelor party… mmm…possibly!

I know what I can start working on.  The music! My good buddy picked out all the music for his reception and man was that an amazing time!

Now this will actually be a harder task than you may think. Me and L don’t exactly have the same musical upbringing. Actually, I don’t know what musical upbringing she did have.

Either way though, this way I can guarantee that there will be no conga lines, no dance trains, no electric slides, no chacha slides, no Michael Bolton or Chubby Checker, and definitely no macarena!!

The 80’s and 90’s will be in full effect though!

Hey Goose, ya big stud!
That’s me honey.
Take me to bed or lose me forever.
Show me the way home, honey!


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