I’m Engaged *gulp*

Her Amazing Ring

So I am engaged.  *pause*.  Two years ago, I’d be running for the toilet.  Today, I couldn’t be happier. My beautiful girlfriend (I haven’t gotten used to saying that F word yet, so bear with me) is happy too I guess.

I am sure you want to know how I did it right?  For some reason, everyone wants to know.  Well, L played tennis in college and that’s what we do to keep active and the tennis court is also one of the first places where we fell in love.  She is almost as competitive as I am.  Actually, who am I kidding, she hates to lose as much as I do. So I picked her up from the metro and we go to play tennis.

L begins to warm up by hitting balls to me.  The first one flies by and I apologize for not swinging and ask her to try again.  Second attempt flies by me again!  At this point I can tell she’s getting agitated or confused.  So I say I’ll definitely get it this time.  As she hits the third ball, I drop my racket, walk towards her and say “Baby, we aren’t here to play tennis…”

This is where everything stops going as I planned it.  She screams and says “What are you doing?!” and RUNS to the corner of the tennis court and stands there like a three year old in time out. *Panic*

So of course, like every good man should do, I chase her.  and I tell her all the gooey stuff  as I kill time trying to remember the first line of the poem I wrote and spent all week remembering. After about 15 seconds of my trying not to wet myself, I start with the poem.

I can’t describe this love, but I know it’s extraordinarily real
I don’t want to take another step without you, so this is where I’ll kneel
*Drop to one knee*
I’ve walked through life daydreaming of forever being yours
All the while promising God to cherish all that he has in store
You’ve given me a love I’d never thought I’d find
My Love, my heart, my valentine, will you forever be mine

Then I pull out the box that her great grandfather used to propose to her great grandmother, and inside was the ring that her grandfather presented to her grandmother when he proposed.  She said yes and we got mushy.

Then she asked “Are we still going to play tennis?” That’s my fiance.


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